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Nick "The Stud Duck With the Fuzzy Nuts" July 24th, 2006.  Nick didn't leave us riding.  Instead he left as pleasantly as any man could.  He passed away suddenly amongst the Redwoods in Southern Humboldt County at the home he and his wife Ruthie had built.  He was a great friend to ALL of us & he will be missed by all of us. 

Al Davis SHC     ​Veteran-USMC

Richard "Big Dick" Parks left us on Tuesday, 1/16/2007, on a road trip with Fast Eddie from Northern California to Minnesota to pick up Eddie's new scoot.  These guys have been friends for about 57 years.  Fast Eddie had just turned 73 and Dick was 74.  Big Dick took the last offramp in Wyoming.  While changing drivers of the rig they were in, Dick fell out and Eddie rushed him to the hospital.  After working on him for about a half hour, he was pronounced.  Ride Hard Brother.  You will be missed always!  

Al Davis SHC     ​Veteran-USMC

In Memory Of

Bill "Billy Bob" Jones Redwood Run Weekend 2004.  Billy Bob wasn't just another Brother.  He was family.  He didn't Live to Ride.  He  Rode to Live. We Love you man.  We miss you even more.  I ride by and see  your Memorial every single day.  I could never forget.  

Al Davis SHC     ​Veteran-USMC

David Lynne Hay ("Captain") 

A true friend and Brother to all that knew him.  He was also an artist, christian, EMT an so many other was things that were a gift to his community, friends and his family.  Best of all he was a Biker, and a loving Free Spirit.  He will be missed by all.  Al Davis Mother Chapter

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It is our sincere hope that these brothers and sisters will NEVER be forgotten.

For that reason, we light the blue flames of Brotherhood.
Let this stand as a dedication to their memory.

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It saddens me to report that our Brother Dennis Rough in the Devils Garden Chapter has ridden on ahead of us.  He was also know as Mister Twister.  He was friend and Brother to Jim the President of the Devils Garden Chapter for 48 years.  I can only hope that I have friends for that long.  Gone perhaps but never forgotten.  Respects!​

Our Brother Victor and his companion Argus were brutally taken from us by a driver that was high on prescription drugs.  He was run down by this person as he walked from his car to the hiking trail with his dog.  He was a great person that we could all have learned from.  His impact on the lives of the Sonoma County crew was a very positive experience.  He is greatly missed.   

Al Davis- Mother Chapter