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Membership & Gear

MEMBERS ONLY. SIDE ROCKERS!!!  These Motorcycle Clan Rockers are now available.   Please check with your dominate club to ensure that there is no conflict wearing this in their territory.  
Priced @ $20.00  
Look for our new shirt design to be coming soon!!!  XXL! Priced @ $25.00

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Send to:
Brotherhood Of Old Bikers SHC
Membership and Gear Department
PMB 130
52 Mission Circle #124
Santa Rosa CA, 95409

You can E-mail us at:
OR you can try giving us a call at:
(707) 681-8083 Between 8:00am & 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, if you have any questions.
Please remember that there is a 3 hour time difference between the West Coast and the East Coast!

For inquiries, please call (707) 681-8083 or email to Write membership information in the subject line so we know that it is not spam. 

FULL 12" x 10" BACK PATCH!
Priced @ $75.00 per patch!
When one Back Patch just isn't enough. Maybe your vest just isn't making it. You can always put one on your leather!

Look for our new shirt design to be coming soon!!!
XL  Priced @ $25.00 as well

Membership Renewal made easy for you.  Please contact us at 707-681-8083 or if you have any questions!

Small logo patch

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Contact Information

This form helps us to make our initial contact with you as a potential member.  All information is confidential.  Please see our contact information below if you have any questions!

Members Only
Priced @$5.00 per patch
These patches are 3" tall x 2.5" wide. A great addition to any vest or jacket.(Required for All Officers)