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Black Clouds Rant
Metewah Toatonay Mapia Sapa Yaylo!!! 

I am only going to rant a little. When I was in the Navy in boot camp, there were 10 companies of Iranian seaman being trained by our Government. Since then, I would have to take off my shoes to count the times that we have jumped back and forth between Iran and Iraq.  Now the President is talking about going into Syria after just beginning to bomb Iraq (again) in the guise of helping.  Didn't we get out of Iraq and then in to Afghanistan.  Hmmm, now it's back into Iraq and also into Syria.  Just saying, but, Maybe we should worry about the Ebola virus  that has been willingly brought into this country by our own government.  My first question is WHY!!!!  When I was in the Navy, if you caught what was called the "Black Clap", you were not allowed to deploy with your ship to come home.  So, when I hear through our media sluts that our own government has voluntary brought something as deadly as the Ebola virus in to the US, I gotta say, WTF!!!?  Aho!

I am sure that Fast Eddie would tell you himself if you asked him, getting old is not for the faint of heart. We pay for all the physical things that we did to abuse our bodies in our youth.