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 We would like to welcome you to the Official Website of the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan Founding/Mother Chapter.  We are a bunch of fellows that are old school.  Lets face it were just old.  We do, however, try to blend that old school tradition with a 21st century biker lifestyle. 

For your notice, we will be upgrading this website in the very near future and for a short time, the guestbook will not be available. However, it will return as soon as it has been completed. Should take a few weeks! Thank You for your understanding! In the mean time, enjoy the antiquated version of this website! I am sure that you will agree that the new one will be much better!


WE LOVE BOOBs.  Join us in the celebration of the female form.  We are uniting as Brothers all over the world to appreciate  women as they pass by with BOOBs, Ta Ta's, Sweater Puppies, and god yes Hooters to enchant, enthrall, and enrapture us.  Not to mention, this gives us one more opportunity to ride & party together.

As an organization we offer unique opportunities.  Most of our members have been around larger clubs and made the decision not to join for our own reasons.  Old bikers don't get old and gray by being lucky.  We get that way by listening to our gut instinct.  

We do not claim any territory, nor are we politically motivated.   We do respect all clubs and expect the same in return. 

Often time, people inquire what our colors stand for.  Blue represents the color of our varicose veins.  Silver represents the color our hair turns.  The aged rider and the classic style bike represent old school.  Last but not least, the Betty represents the BOOBs that we love so much!

Now, a little about the Brotherhood.  We originally united as family and friends that ride.  We do take our riding very seriously.

We are NOT a 1% club!!!

But, we do like the occasional ,

 and as much    as we can get!  Take a good look.  Ask yourself, are you Old School?  Do you want to be a part of our journey?  Let us know.

Our Mother Chapter is located in Northern California and we currently are expanding.  We will try to correspond with everyone that requests it.  However, from time to time, we cannot get back to you as quickly as we would like to.  We would  like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience temporary or otherwise.

In the U.S we claim no territory, but, we have members in:          

AL         CA          CT          FL         GA          ID          IL    
IN         KY           LA          MA        MD         MI          MT 

NC        NH          NY         OH         OK         OR         PA   
TX         UT           VA         WA        WI
State Flags to be added soon:
Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri, New Jersey
, Maine, Colorado
South Carolina!

Internationally we have members in:
                                                                       Australia       Canada             England            France         

Ireland         Netherlands       New Zealand    Norway     


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Do keep in mind that the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Logo and its Copyrights are the sole property of the Brotherhood.  Our name and colors are a Registered Trademark, and sole property of the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Founding Chapter.  Any unauthorized use of this Logo, or Trademark infringement of our name and colors, is in direct violation of the law!

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